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Finally, get the correct, calibrated dosage of your hemp, each and every time. No more guessing how much is too little or too much. No more side effects from too much hemp. No more wasting unused material. No more telltale odors coming from your purse or brief Kit.

The unique Canna Kit ® was designed by Dr. Gregory Smith, as a kit to help you manage your daily doses of hemp cannabis throughout the day. It was designed for that 40 % of medical cannabis patients who prefer to smoke their medicine. They want the convenience and speed of smoked hemp but don’t want problems consuming too much or wasting unused material using traditional methods of smoking hemp.

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Display Box: 20 Cannakit Dispensers
Dispenser: 1 Cannakit

MSRP: $19.99

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The Canna Kit® comes with:

  A water-tight, odor-proof container that neatly stores 1-2 days of hemp. This small 3 inch by 1 ¾ inch study Kit, is about 2/3rd the size of a pack of cigarettes. Take it with you on to go or keep it in your pocket or purse.

  A patented micro-dose inhaler, that is finely constructed to hold exactly 50mg of ground hemp. This is 1/8th of the amount of hemp found is a typical cigarette or small pipe. This provides 1 or 2 inhalations with minimal waste.

  Easy to use with detailed graphical instructions.

  A cleaning instrument that fits neatly into a holder inside the Kit.

  An extra storage compartment for rolling papers, or a copy of your Legal card.

  A convenient card that easily calculates the dose of THC, and CBD you are getting per inhalation, based on the strength of the hemp.

  Laboratory tested: The Canna Kit® has been independently laboratory tested to ensure consistent dosing.

  Doctor recommended: The Canna Kit® comes highly recommended by Gregory L. Smith, MD,  author of the #1 best selling textbook Medical Cannabis.


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